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Branches of Ministries


We are truly bless to have in operation the Five Fold Ministry within our local body.  

God has bless the ministry with great leaders and a great church family.


As this local body walks in the foot steps of the Holy Spirit, we walk towards our purpose.


Each member plays a part in the building of God's house



 We Thank God for all Servants that Volunteer's in the Ministry!








Worship Service

      Sunday Services:


8:30 am Inspirational Call: 1-712-775-7031

code: 867488605


2:00 PM

    4815 Wrightsville Ave

         Wilmington NC 28412   


   Thursday Nights

    1st. Thursday Night Corporate

Prayer @7:00 pm


Bible Study @ 7:00 pm Every Thursday after the 1st. Thursday





                  Women  Ministry

                  Men  Ministry

                  Prison Ministry

                  Nursing Home Ministry

                  Couples Ministry

                  Singles Ministry

                   Family Night Ministry

                   Outreach Ministry

   Homeless(with Other Local Churches)

    Social Services Resources (Information)